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What to Do When Your Loved One has Dementia?


Does your loved one forgets familiar faces, events happened only a few minutes ago, or struggles to find a word, but remembers it later? Have him/her evaluated as these may be signs of early onset dementia. 

Dementia affects a lot of individuals. Some require companion and sitter services to ensure their needs are attended to. Age is the most common risk factor, especially for those 65 years and older. When people have this condition, their cognitive functions are affected, resulting in the loss of independence. Personal care is often forgotten. If you suspect that a loved one has dementia, do the following:

  • Discuss it with him/her
  • Talk about the changes you have observed.
  • Discuss the possibility of seeing a medical provider to better understand the problem.
  • Choose a provider you are comfortable with. Learn more about dementia and the proper ways to provide dementia care.
  • Family Discussion

When a loved one has dementia, start planning. Gather documents like health care directives, durable power of attorney for health care, and update any estate plan. Make sure to discuss the possibility of needing home care assistance. Homecare assistance provides personal care at home, allowing your loved one to continue living safely in the comfort of home.  

Inspire To Serve LLC will provide your loved ones the home care they need. With our caregivers’ expertise in providing dementia care, you can be assured that they know your loved ones needs even before they say them. If you need assistance, talk to us today. We provide services in Snellville, Georgia and surrounding areas.

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