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Managing Blood Pressure in Seniors


The American Heart Association is recommending constant blood pressure monitoring. The records will help the doctors diagnose whether the medicines are effective or not. The carers from Home Care Assistance in Snellville, Georgia will help you in doing the record-keeping.

Changes in blood pressure are measured through the records that you have. You can consider the Personal Care Assistance in Georgia to provide ample support to your loved ones. Some adjustments must take place also. Here are some of them:

  • Consuming less salt
    You should have a full view of the recipes at home. You must check the amount of sodium. You need to consider only 1,500 mg of salt per day for hypertensive patients. Professionals for adult care can assist in the process of reviewing the diet plan.
  • Consume more potassium
    Regulating blood flow and sugar levels is possible with potassium. You ensure the healthy lifestyle of your elderly family members with this.
  • Manage your weight
    Having a healthy weight is important for the reduction of blood pressure. You can expect low chances of high blood pressure due to the optimal weight.

Companion and Sitter Services will assist in the recommendations provided. You should know that the experts cater wound care if needed.

Interested in suitable programs? Inspire To Serve LLC is the best possible choice in town. We have a team of experts and comprehensive programs that can support the elderly care routine.

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