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How to Know It’s Time to Hire a Caregiver


Looking to get home care assistance in Snellville, Georgia for your senior loved one?

Getting them the care they need can be challenging if not done at the right time—that is to say, too early and they may feel their independence undermined, too late and you may be unintentionally helping increase their risk for falling.

As a senior care provider, we are experts at seeing the tell-tale signs of when it is time to ask for personal care assistance in Georgia, or elsewhere.

Below are some of these signs:

  • Having an unsteady gait

    Along with mobility issues, an unsteady gait is a usual precursor to a fall incident so having a dedicated caregiver is not only important, but it is also necessary.

  • Multiple trips to the emergency room

    Has your senior loved one been in and out of the emergency room multiple times in the last 6 months? If so, having a dedicated caregiver is a must.

  • General poor health

    Feelings of pain, fatigue, and inability to perform optimally physically, mentally, or socially already put them at a higher risk for fall incidents and developing health conditions.

  • Depression and/or loneliness

    Studies have shown that lonely people are at a higher risk for developing cardiovascular problems compared to those who aren’t. A dedicated caregiver can keep them company, offer them friendship, and keep them from being lonely. We offer companion and sitter services at Inspire To Serve LLC for this very reason.

  • Messy home environment

    A messy home usually means a decline in your senior loved one’s ability to take care of themselves and take on chores. A dedicated caregiver can take on these tasks and assist them in completing their personal care routines and activities of daily living.

Does your senior loved one show any of the above signs? If they do, don’t think twice, enlist our home care services today!

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