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How to Ensure a Safe and Clean Home for Senior


Do you have loved ones who have difficulties moving around without assistance, problems with balance and coordination, and eyesight problems? Create a safe living environment with these practical tips below.

  • Get the lighting done.
    Make your home brighter with additional lights, especially on stairs, corridors, and passageway turns. Add a nightlight, or put a lamp next to their bed so they can go to the bathroom faster and safer. Are your loved ones receiving personal care assistance in Georgia? Their caregivers can make sure there is proper lighting at home.
  • Organize the furniture.
    Keep your furniture stable and arranged, fixed, or replaced. Change slippery rugs and carpets to safer ones. Put anti-slip mats anywhere on the bathroom and kitchen floor to prevent accidents, especially when the floor is wet. It will also help to hire caregivers that offer companion and sitter services. This way, they can help in monitoring your loved ones at home.
  • Consider a medical-response system.
    While skilled nursing can help you monitor your loved one’s medical needs, a medical alert device can rescue your loved ones in times of emergency. Consider getting this lifesaving device. It is simple to use, too. Your loved one only needs to press a button, and it will alert the appropriate emergency service for response.

Are you looking for home care assistance in Snellville, Georgia? Inspire To Serve LLC is here to assist with escort services, meal preparation and serving, and household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety. We have friendly, compassionate, and well-trained caregivers to attend to your loved ones’ needs. Get in touch with us today! Contact us at 770-217-0991 for more information.

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